Comicpalooza and Baltimore Commissions!

Hey Guys!

So, the time has come for me to open up pre-show commissions for Comicpalooza and Baltimore (which I’m sure you figured out by reading the header :P).  I’m opening up four spots for each, which a possibility for more if i get done earlier than anticipated (not likely with Comicpalooza, but possible for Baltimore).  Now for the details!

  • All pieces will be completed on 10×14 Arches hot press watercolor stock.  Much more archival, and heavy duty that the crap bristol I’ve all but given up on lately.
  • $300 for greyscale (Copic), one character, minimal background
  • $600 for color (Copic), one character, minimal background
  • $1000 for “the works” – 1-3 characters, full color, full background (1 per show)
  • Four slots available per show
    • Comicpalooza:
      • 1) Alan
      • 2) Esteban
      • 3)
      • 4)
    • Baltimore: — SOLD OUT (for now, maybe)
      • 1) Chris
      • 2) Todd
      • 3) Josh
      • 4) Ronnie
  • These are full quality commissions – not the quickies I do at the show.  I usually only open up a few spaces a year, so take advantage of these if you’ll be at either one of these shows.
  • NO PORNOGRAPHY – Sexy is fine, i like sexy.  I don’t like drawing dongles and jiggly bits flopping everywhere for no good reason.
  • NOTHING OUT OF CHARACTER – Sorry folks, not drawing a Tony/Steve slash piece.  Just not happening.  Not out of any personal disagreement, but i’m not misrepresenting my employers characters 😛
  • PICKUP ONLY — You, or a designated representative, MUST pick these up at either Comicpalooza or Baltimore.  These are NOT “shipped” commissions.
  • Payment must be made in full BEFORE the show to guarantee your piece.
    • Money will be held aside in case the world caves in and i can’t finish the piece (not likely, but just in case), so that i can issue a refund if I’m unable to fulfill my obligation, but otherwise, no refunds.
  • These are the only way to get color commissions from me at this time, since I no longer travel with color materials to shows (well, not extensively.  I might have watercolor with me, but you know what i mean :P)
  • Email me at if interested!

Examples — Sizes might not match, but the quality will be the same.



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