August sale!

Okay, so, i took a quick break from work today, and decided to clear out some space for the incoming FAITH pages i’ll be having shortly, and then this happened:


I have a ton of pages.

SO, for the month of August, i’ll be doing a sale.  I’ll be lowering the prices on a lot of the pages listed, and they’re all going to be between 20-30% off their listed price, with an extra 10% off that total if you’ve ordered from me within the past two months (i have a list, i know who you are).  Covers will be 10% off as well, which considering their prices, is a chunk of change.  I also have a few others things i might do, like a BOGO or extra discount over a certain price.  I dunno.  All i know is that i need some space, LOL.

Plus, my birthday’s in August, so might as well share the festivities with you guys, right?

Again, it doesn’t start for a few days, and i’m still working out the details, but just a heads up in case anyone’s interested.  Go through the store, earmark a few things, and then when the first rolls around, shoot me an email!

Thanks everyone, and i’ll post the deets soon!

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