Announcement time!

The last few years, I’ve only done a VERY limited number of shows per year — This year, i’m upping the number a bit 

So far, here’s what’s planned:

SCCC – Greenville, SC – 3/24-3/25

Motor City Comic Con – Novi, MI – 5/18-5/20

Thought Bubble! – Leeds, UK – 9/22-9/23

Unfortunately, I won’t likely be sketching at the shows, because my back just won’t handle it. To balance that out, I’m going to do an exclusive print for each show — If you can’t make it to the show, I’ll have it available for Patreon supporters, but otherwise, that’ll be it until the end of the year when i do the good ol’ print clean out (if there are any left over).

I’ll also have small stuff available. Pre show commissions might not happen this time due to my current workload, but if I can, I will open a few spots (Definitely not for SCCC though, that one’s out, unfortunately).

I’ll add to this list if more pop up!

Thanks everyone!


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