Pre Show Commissions

So, after a lot of requests, I decided to open up a few spots for the upcoming conventions i’ll be attending which are:

  • SCCC – Greenville, SC – 3/24-3/25

  • Motor City Comic Con – Novi, MI – 5/18-5/20

  • Thought Bubble! – Leeds, UK – 9/22-9/23

Spots, especially for the first two shows, will be extremely limited, simply due to my current workload.  However, since I likely won’t be able to sketch at those shows because of a number of reasons, i do want to give folks the chance to get some original art by request.

These will be standard quality commissions, not “show” quality, since i’ll be home and I’ll have access to all my supplies here.  **Half payment is due at the time of request, as a non-refundable deposit, with the remainder due upon completion and BEFORE the show.**  If you cannot pay this last portion, then you forfeit the rights to the art, and I’ll sell it to another interested party.  This is a bit more harsh than my usual operating process, but I’ve had a number of folks back out of commissions at last minute lately, so I’m protecting myself.  Also, you, or someone you arrange in advance, MUST be at at the show to pick up your art.

Prices are:

  • Level 1 – 11×14 Greyscale Copic, Full figure, minimal background: $400

  • Level 2 – 10×14 Full Color (either copic, watercolor, or gouache, my decision), single figure, minimal background: $800

  • Level 3 – 16×20 Full Color, gouache, up to three figures, full background: $2000

**Sketch covers and inked pieces are not available.**

As also said, spaces are extremely limited, simply due to current workload.  **I have one space available for Greenville, two spaces available for Motor City, and four spaces available for Thought Bubble.**  If I finish early and i have some extra time, I might open up additional slots, but that’s an outside possibility at best.

If you’re interested, please email me using the contact form to the left.

Thank you!


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