Random Thoughts, 4/18/2018 edition

  1. I should really take Joe’s advice, and start using my blog, since so many folks are ditching Facebook lately.
  2. What the fuck do i even blog about?
  3. How about random, shower thought level shit, though likely nowhere near as profound?
  4. Meh, who cares what I write about.  Just write something.
  5. Okay, like a bullet list?
  6. Yup, just like a bullet list.  Let’s bullet this damn list.
  7. Hm.  What’d be an interesting thing to start with?
  8. Oh, oh, i got it.  Trader Joe’s’ “Matcha Joe-Joe” cookies are fucking crack.
  9. So’s their bibimbop bowl.
  10. Why did “Joe’s'” not get caught by autocorrect, but bibimbop did?  Along with autocorrect?
  11. Red wine is fun.
  12. What is NOT fun is the fucking Home Depot website.
  13. Seriously.  Are you that incompetent with inventory tracking, or do you just have that many thieves?
  14. Either option is NOT a good thing.
  15. Though the idea of seeing folks just strolling through with extra reams of insulation and never getting caught with it might be funny.
  16. Another thing that’s not fun? Unloading almost 300 bricks from the back of a truck.
  17. I can’t say much though, joe did most of the hard work.
  18. Brooks’ Ghost 10 sneakers are quite possibly the most comfortable thing i’ve ever put on my feet.
  19. Seriously, they’re amazing.  It’s 9PM and i’m actually still able to walk without pain in my damn foot.
  20. … fuck.  It’s 9pm.  I need to actually draw some shit today.
  21. But WHAT.  What do i draw, at 9pm, and a solid glass of red wine already in?
  22. Nevermind the bibimbop haze.
  23. SERIOUSLY.  What’s with the fucking autocorrect on that?
  24. I even googled the proper spelling, and, yup, got it right.
  25. Googled is an actual, recognized verb now?
  26. Who knew?
  27. Not me, apparently.
  28. ….
  29. what was i supposed to be doing?
  30. Oh.  Right.  Thinking of stuff to draw.
  31. Well, i have a stack of mockups i need to do.  And transfers.
  32. Though, that commission is overdue, i should step it up a notch.
  33. which means photoshop editing for paper size/composition, and i don’t feel like dealing with PS right now.
  34. Okay, what’s next?
  35. Sketchbooks.  You have fucktons of sketchbooks to do.
  36. Okay.  All set up.
  37. Crap, what book did those stickers fall out of?
  38. ….. i have no clue.
  39. i’ll go through and sort that out.
  40. Tomorrow.
  41. Okay.  Back to work.
  42. Can i go back to work if i haven’t started it yet?
  43. I’m going to go with yes, because it makes me seem more productive.
  44. But first, lets see what’s happening on The Next Generation?
  45. Is that Lilith?
  46. Frasier’s wife?
  47. Yes.  Yes it is.
  48. …… did she seriously just coerce Riker into sex for escape?
  49. that’s creepy as fuck.
  50. But i guess since it’s coming from a woman, and this was the early 90s, and it’s, you know, Riker, it’s fine?
  51. No.  No it’s not.  That’s still fucking gross.
  52. Okay, where was i?
  53. That’s right, sketchbooks.  Where’s my pencil box?
  54. Ah, there it is, under my iPad.
  55. Did i feed my dragons today?
  56. Yes, yes i did.  Put the ipad down.
  57. Okay.  I think i’m good now.
  58. But i can’t stop at 59 notes, i’m so close to 60!
  59. There we go 😀
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