Commission Availability!

Update:  Commissions are currently closed!  I’m keeping the information from the last round posted here though, in case anyone’s interested in seeing it.

After a considerable amount of interest lately, I will be opening up a few spots from Friday October 12, 2018 through Sunday October 14, 2018, with the disclosure that I will close them early if response is too much.  Finish date will depend on the requests received – I will try my best to get the done before Christmas, but in all likelihood these will be first quarter 2019 delivery date, due to my current workload.  If you want a piece as a gift for someone, please let me know, and I’ll have a mockup done for you at the very least for the holidays.  Also, this will likely be the only time I open up spots for quite some time, as I’m getting ready to dive back into a number of publishing projects, which means commissions won’t be possible.

Note that no sketch cards or sketch covers will be offered – the quality of the stock is so disparate that I can’t guarantee how the piece would turn out.  I’ve had a bad run on a few lately, and I don’t want to let any clients down because of crappy paper.

Also note that a 1/2 deposit is required at confirmation of your request, due within 24 hours.  If you’re unable to do so, your request will be removed, and you’ll have another chance the next time I open up spots (no hard feelings at all).  The remainder of the payment is due upon completion, from which you have 72 hours to pay, unless other arrangements have been made.  I’m willing to work with folks, coz I absolutely know how stuff can pop up, but if you can’t pay, realize that you’re forfeiting the commission, as well as your down payment until I can sell the piece directly.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form below to let me know what you’d like.  Contacting me does not guarantee your place, only my written reply does, just so you know 🙂

Okay, now that the business stuff is done, here’s what’s available.

  • 10×14 Copic Tonal (greyscale) – Starts at $400 
  • 10×14 Copic (full color) – Starts at $600
  • 11×17 Copic Tonal (greyscale) – Starts at $800
  • 11×17 Copic (full color) – Starts at $1000
  • 16×20 gouache painting – Starts at $1600

All prices listed include one full figure, and one moderate background.  Prices will be higher for more figures or more detailed backgrounds.

If you’re interested, please use the contact form to the left of this, or at the bottom of this post — I’ll get back to requests as quickly as I can 🙂

Thank you!