House Buying Fun

So, for anyone who’s followed me on social media, you know that my current living situation is less than ideal. I mean, unless you like living with the near constant threat of being shot, or […]

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Red Thorn – Issue 11 layouts

Okay, so, I’ve been getting asked a lot, and i mean a LOT, lately about storytelling tips and tricks, and quite frankly, it’s easier for me to show than it is to tell, so i’m […]

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So long, Red Thorn.

I’ve had a lot of people comment to me about how they can’t understand why Red Thorn was cancelled, so i’m going to try and elaborate a bit. Simple answer: Lack of sales. Long answer: […]

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Harley and Me

Or, a lesson in how many ways I can say “Nope.” I made a post on my Facebook page a few weeks ago, stating that I would only draw the original, jester style Harley Quinn, […]

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August sale, details!

Allrighty, here’s the breakdown! COVERS: 10% off listed price RED THORN pages: 20% off listed price ALL OTHER PAGES: 30% off listed price — AND — if you’ve purchased original art from me within the last […]

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August sale!

Okay, so, i took a quick break from work today, and decided to clear out some space for the incoming FAITH pages i’ll be having shortly, and then this happened: I have a ton of […]

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Comicpalooza and Baltimore Commissions!

Hey Guys! So, the time has come for me to open up pre-show commissions for Comicpalooza and Baltimore (which I’m sure you figured out by reading the header :P).  I’m opening up four spots for […]

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RED THORN 5 and 6 pages available!

Just got ’em up!  If you’re interested, just let me know! http://meghanhetrick.com/published-pages/ More stuff coming soon!!  

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Site updates!

Hey folks!  I’m currently trying to get this site updated with my most current works, and hopefully a storefront too. It shouldn’t take too long, but with me, that’s a loose statement 😛 Keep your […]

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