Clip Studio: Working in CMYK

I see a lot of folks saying that the main reason they don’t want to use Clip Studio is because it doesn’t have an option for CMYK color.  This is sort of untrue – while it doesn’t have a proper CMYK working mode, it does have a CMYK preview mode, which gets stuff pretty dang close to a proper CMYK setup.  Here’s a tutorial for how to set that up.

 — Note that what it does is modifies your colors to fall within a CMYK gamut, and when you save the file it’ll save with a CMYK profile, but the workspace itself will still be RGB —

It’s weird, but it works, lol.  It’s also only really relevant for those who want to make prints of their art — if you’re just doing stuff for digital display, then RGB is what you want.

Step one: Go to view -> color profile -> preview settings
Step two: select the color profile you want to use from the drop down menu at the top.  Most companies I’ve worked with use the CMYK: US Webcoated (SWOP) vs2.
Step three: hit OKAY, and ensure that your profile is now shown at the top with your file name.

If it’s NOT, go back to view -> Color profile, but instead of view, hit preview. On my PC, it does it fine without needing that extra bit, but on my mac, it needs that extra bit.  I also don’t know if this functions the same on the iPad version, coz, well, I don’t use an iPad.

Once you’re done, if you can pull it into Photoshop to verify that the print settings are still good, and your colors are within gamut, do so. You might need to tweak some of your black levels and such before printing, and as much as I love CSP, Photoshop is still the superior program for editing. Overall though, the workaround, while not perfect, is a damn sight closer than accidentally working in RGB and then pulling it to print and realizing you screwed  up. I’ve done that accidentally a few too many times, in both Clip and Photoshop, and it is NOT fun trying to fix that mess 😛

Hope this helps!

 — PS — if the images display too small, save them, or open them in a new tab.  They’re bigguns but this template keeps forcing them smaller 😛