Breaking up with Copics – followup

I was cleaning out a box of old art today, and stumbled across a cheat sheet i did for a friend a number of years ago – 2016, IIRC.

Pay close attention to the “ring” of colors in the middle top.

On this one, look at the columns in the lower center. Left side is 2020, right is 2016, with the exceptions of the oddly placed ones for BG0000 and BG70, since i didn’t realize that i was overlaying some V000 on the left side. Why? Because it’d faded so badly.

The full pic. And boobs. I’m nothing if not on brand.

This shows perfectly why I’ve stopped using Copics for larger/more expensive “legacy” pieces, as i stated a number of years ago (in 2017), in this post here:  Breaking Up with Copics

Keep in mind that this cheat sheet has been hidden from all UV light for four years now — it’s literally been in a box, forgotten, until today.

So, yeah.  Copics are NOT a legacy medium, folks.  They’re not fine art supplies.