So, I got this email yesterday, saying that art raffles aren’t allowed.  I get it.  I totally forgot about gambling laws and such, but the funny thing is, I don’t remember getting an updated ToS notification, except for that clusterfuck of the fees idea they ended up walking back on.

That being said, I will have to change the structure of the tiers a bit…. and i’m kinda lost.  I’m going to keep them up for this month, because I know folks were looking forward to them (or i think so at least), but going forward I have to knock off the print and art raffles.

I just don’t know what to put in place to remedy it and still make it cost effective for you folks.

My ideas so far are these:

– The tutorial spots will stay the same (and i’m gathering the stuff for the next tutorial today, actually.  Should be done for Tuesday!).  

– replace the $25 raffle tier with a $30 print tier for Patreon exclusive prints.  I was going to show the mockups later, but since i’m talking about it now, i have a series of Zodiac pieces I’ve been cobbling together, that I was planning on doing for Patreon supporters anyway, so it kinda makes sense.  I don’t think these would be 11×17, because the original paintings won’t be in that aspect ratio, but i’ll see what i can figure out.  They’d still be larger prints though, unless you folks tell me you’d like a smaller, easier to frame size.

– Add a $40 tier for head sketches, like the ones i showed the other day.  These would be moderately limited spots, probably around 10-20.  The cards are quick enough to do, but i also have some projects coming up soon that might boost this page’s visibility, so i do have to put a number on those.  You’d be guaranteed one a month for as long as you’re in that tier.

– For the print raffle tier, i’ll likely have to replace that with a lineart/coloring option on there.  Exclusive digital print that you can color if you’d like.  Or print out and hang on your wall.  Or both!  The choices are yours, LOL.

– I’m also thinking of putting in a “higher end” tier for a commission, for a commission in the 200-500 range.  I haven’t decided on a price yet, because i don’t know what you’d like, though i’m suspecting “color” and “copic” are likely in the wants 😉  This will be an EXTREMELY limited spot, we’re talking maybe two, but likely one available, simply because I want to make sure it actually gets done with my current workload.

Let me know what you guys think of those, because i want to make this as friendly as possible for all of you.  If you have other suggestions as well, please, please please tell me.  Patreon’s an exceptionally weird system to figure out, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you!