Ch-ch-ch-changes! Pt 2: The Verdict

Okay, so, the time is nigh for me to actually decide what i’m going to do about the whole raffle thing, so, here we go.

On Feb 1st, I’ll do the last drawings for the print winner, and the one and only drawing for the art winner (the mermaid piece I did).  Those tiers will then be modified or removed, depending on specifics.

The modifications will be as follows, and i’ll be putting them up throughout the night, so that people have time to shuffle their pledges around by the deadline, since i don’t know how that works if i just nix a whole tier.

ANYHOO.  Changes!

— Across the board, the only way to get a commission from me, aside from for/at a show, is to be a Patron (and I physically can’t do sketching at shows anymore, so, yeah).

— $1/3/5 tiers stay the same.  Since the tutorials take so long to do, i’m also going to start including lineart downloads into the 3/5 tiers.  For the folks wondering where my color tutorials are: they’re in the pipeline.  Recording in my current studio is incredibly hard to do for a variety of reasons (mainly being the central location in the house, and the horrible lighting), but we’ve started work on building out my “proper” studio, which means that i’ll be able to stream and stuff again soonish.  

— $10 will have the print/portfolio review option removed, and have exclusive art access each month, specifically for the tier.  There will also be an exclusive coupon for $10 a month for my store.  They’ll expire each month, but hey, if you choose to buy something, you’ll actually not be losing any money, LOL.

— $25 tier will be replaced with a $30 print option.  These will be Patreon Exclusive prints, and will be different from any other ones I offer, though the differences will vary depending on the piece itself.  Consider it the “limited edition” print tier.  I’m working on the pieces I wanted to use for it now, and there will be a pretty steady rotation of them once i get the ball rolling.  You sign up for this tier, you get the print, with domestic shipping included.  Limited to 10.

— $50 headsketch tier — these will be exactly like the ones I did a few days ago.  After this last round, i realized I’d have to raise the price on this tier, because of fees and shipping costs (holy crap USPS, seriously), so apologies for that.  However, you will be guaranteed a sketch card sized head sketch every month, of a character of your choice, including original characters.  Gotta let me know what you’d like though, so be prepared to check your messages or LMK in advance and i’ll make a note.  Limited to 10.

— $400 commission tier — LIMITED TO ONE (for now) — I’ve had a bunch of folks ask for this, so i’m trying to accommodate as best as possible with my current workload.  You will have a few options for this:  Choices are: 9×12, 2 characters, ink, with light background, OR 9×12, 1 character on toned paper, greyscale copic, light background OR 10×14, 1 character, color (my choice of watercolor or Copic — depends on subject), light background.  If i can open up a few more slots on this down the line, i will, but for right now this is all I can really promise to finish with my current workload.  Domestic shipping is included.

I’ll do a blog post tomorrow with examples of everything, since the format on this isn’t really the best for that stuff.  That way you know what you’re getting into, LOL.

So, we’ll give this a shot for a month or so, and see how it works out.  If anyone has any input, please feel free to tell me 🙂

Thanks everyone!