Inktober 2017!

Inktober 2017 is here! And guess what?  It’s going to be Patreon exclusive.  That’s right, all you folks will get exclusive access to the pieces I’m doing for the event, and you’ll also get first dibs on all of the original art (which will all be 6″x6″, inked stuff, $75 shipped).

You’ll see a theme going pretty quickly, which will be far more risqué than my art i post up for the general public, and much more in the lines of erotica rather than straight up porn (nothing wrong with the latter, i just prefer the former.  Tease instead of show, that idea 😀 )

First one is up, for the “Swift” prompt – i used a quote from Jonathan Swift for it, mainly because i know there’s going to be a fuck ton of Taylor Swift, birds, and foxes instead, and i like being contrary, hahah.

If you’d like her, leave a note!  Next one will be up tomorrow!

And if you’d like in on the project and artwork, $1 a month gets you the access you’re looking for 🙂