New Tier!

At the behest of folks who’ve asked me about original art, I created a new tier for Patrons.

I don’t currently have time for new commissions, and likely won’t for quite a while, so this was the solution I came up with, and I personally think it’s a pretty snazzy idea.

Every month I’ll post an original piece of artwork that will be raffled off the following month (like the print/portfolio raffle).  If you’re a Patron of that tier, your name will be entered and you’ll have the chance to win that particular piece of art, which will always be of at least a $75 value (based on my current commission prices).  Plans are currently for inked bust shots, color personal sketch cards, sketch covers, published pages stuff like that.

The art will also scale depending on the number of Patrons who sign up for that tier, and if there are enough, will eventually include published covers and other “high end” pieces.

Note that these are NOT commissions — there is no choice as to what goes on what, but I guarantee that if you win, and you don’t like it, you can toss that sucker up on eBay and easily recoup your funds, LOL.

The first piece of art for the raffle will go up 1/1/2018, with the winner being drawn in February after the pledges have been processed.  The tier is active now though, and early adopters will get a “bonus” piece if they win the raffle.

I’d love to hear feedback, so if you have comments or questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you!


Edit — Realized I typed “published paintings” on the tier description, and while that IS true by inclusion of cover stuff, I don’t really have enough to warrant listing them as rewards, so I fixed it to “pages” which is what I originally intended, and omg i think i need more coffee.