Patreon Changes, Some Thoughts

I’ve seen a lot of discussion about the recent changes Patreon’s decided to roll out, and thought it might be smart to comment about them, both to state my position as well as alert you folks in case you missed it.

Which, in case you did, Patreon is changing their patronage structure, by way of putting the fees on the PATRONS as opposed to the CREATORS.  

Their reasoning was that this helps keep more money in the Creator’s pockets, which yes, I can see the argument behind that… if nobody dropped their pledges due to the new fee structure.  Unfortunately, I know of a lot of creators that are getting hammered by just that thing.  So far, that doesn’t seem to be the case with me (thank you for that), so I’m going to continue using this platform until such time that I don’t think it can be beneficial to either me or my patrons to do so.

I’m definitely NOT a fan of the changes though.  As Creators we can write off those fees on our taxes when we file, so the fees don’t actually hurt us in the long run.  Yes, we eat them on a monthly basis, but that’s the cost of business.  Patrons have no such option for doing that though, and it sucks that Patreon didn’t offer the choice between the two modes, OR give enough lead time to really allow people to absorb the info.

As it stands for now though, there’s really no other solid option for me to head to yet, so i’m going to stay here.  Kickstarter has something in the works, but it’s still in beta as far as I know, and my god, that logo/name is horrible and I’m just pedantic enough to not use them on that basis alone.  Paypal, well, their business practices aren’t exactly better than Patreon’s, plus their option (as well as the others) functions more like a tip jar than anything else.

So, I’ll be here for a bit.  I hope you guys stick around, because I fully plan on making it worth your while, but I absolutely understand if you don’t (especially the lower cost level tiers, specifically the $1.  The biggest hit is on you guys).  If i do decide to jump ship, it won’t be for a bit, because i’ll see how this pans out a bit first.  I’ll also give you folks lots of advance notice if I decide to head off to somewhere else (we’re talking months here. That’s how you’re supposed to do it, Patreon).

In the meantime, I’m still planning on doing bunches of tutorials and art.  Starting in January, this is actually where I plan on putting my finished pieces, because I can’t keep giving away my best art for free to the general public.  You guys pay monthly to support me, you guys will get the best stuff first.

To me, that’s how this should work.

Thanks for your support, everyone.