Updates time!

– The piece above is for the $25 tier raffle reward 🙂  It’s 9×12 (i think) done in copic marker, acrylic paint, and white colored pencil, and was an absolute pain in the ass to scan/take a photo of because the ink went shiny on it, LOL.  REGARDLESS, if you’d like a chance to win it, there’s still time 🙂  I think i might also dig out a few published pages, and toss one in the pile too, in case whomever wins the wheel spin doesn’t particularly care for fish people.  Choices!  I give you choices!

– All of the December patrons seem to finally have been charged, so I’ll be doing the print drawing on Monday for that tier 🙂  I DID start clearing out older prints last month, but if you win, you don’t need to pick anything just yet — it’s good for future use as well.

– I’m gathering stuff for the next tutorial, slowly yet surely.  This industry is nothing if not a “feast or famine” thing, and i definitely seem to have been inundated with the “feast” side of it over the last few days.  Nothing wrong with that at all, but it does mean shifting around of projects, coz this industry is ALSO one of those fun ones where you have to take the published work as it comes.  But, that does mean that there’ll be a lot, a LOT lot of work coming up, like: 3 new covers (fantasy, superhero, and scifi!), five new pages for a potential comic (pirates!), character designs for that potential comic, character designs and pinups for ANOTHER potential book (demony things!), and then also commissions (Hellraiser, Superheroes, and Sexy Things!), Covenant, Inktober catchup, and an astrological series of paintings I started noodling on, lol.

Okies — gotta get nose down on that list of stuff mentioned above, but i’ll sneak over some things as soon as i can.

Thank you for your support everyone!