That Escalated Quickly

Sooo, yeah, i think, no, i know, i’ve fallen in love with a new medium: sculpting.

Its weird.  This past weekend I just took a bit of time to work on something of my own (real talk for the non-artists: there’s only so long a creator can work on other people’s stuff before they start going batshit, lol).  I wasn’t in the mood to paint, after having done a solid two weeks of painting leading up to my weekend (i’ll post that stuff soon!).  Then I looked up and saw the Thorn figure i’d started over a year ago in Super Sculpey, and would never, ever finish, and decided frak it.  I’ll turn that into Aria, the main character from my soon to be officially started creator owned project.  Just take a day, work on something for myself, have some fun, and get back at it.

Five days later, and we’re here, LOL.

Some background: I used to “sculpt” when i was a kid, but it was with wax…. literally the stuff you get from the orthodontist for braces.  I’d make some stuff, then smash it all back into blobs and make more stuff since i didn’t have access to anything more permanent than that (i’d tried play-doh and the air dry stuff, but never took to it).  A few years ago I picked up a block of Super Sculpey, and made a bust of one of my long languishing Psion characters.  Last year, i did a Stitch with the same stuff.  Now, it’s Aria, and that brings the sum total of “real” sculpts i’ve done to, oh, three.

Needless to say, it’s been a learning experience, haha.  I think i’ve made every noob mistake i could while doing this (up to and including not realizing that i can’t fit her in the damn oven to cure), but i’m just absolutely enthralled with the process of learning, and it’s been a freaking blast.  Had i *known* i’d fall into the rabbit hole like this, i’d have started documenting the process on here, but alas, i didn’t, so it’s all over on FB and Instagram and such.

However, tonight i finally decided to take this shit seriously, and make a base for her…. which quickly evolved into “let’s add some lights to it!”

I don’t know how to do LED wiring, so that’s another thing i’ll be teaching myself 😛

That being said, I’ll be posting the progress on the base primarily here, and we can all just go through that process together.

Then there’s also the costuming, keeping in mind that the only things i’ve sewn over the last, oh, 20 or so years have been dog toys, although i used to absolutely adore making costumes.

Finally, there’s the paint, which should be the easiest part of this whole endeavor.  I used to paint ornaments and ceramics all the time as a kid, and adored it, so i’m thinking this should be somewhat similar?  Maybe?  I’ll likely crack out the airbrush too, which means learning how to use that for stuff other than special effects on flat surfaces.

This is obviously going to be a process over the next few months, because as much of a siren’s song as it may currently be for me, i do have to do work that, you know, i’m being paid to do 😛  I won’t be making copies of this piece because, well, i don’t know how to do them (yet), and I also just kinda want to keep this one special for me 🙂  Once you toss money into the game, everything changes, and i truly miss having something that’s just FUN to do… which this currently is.  It’s shaping up to be kinda the “ultimate form” of everything i know about art, especially anatomy and lighting.  Eventually it’ll pull in paints, which is where my color knowledge comes into play.  So yeah, simple stuff to say, but the know-how goes deeeeeeeep, and it’s great to finally find something that really lets me play all that up, while also making something “real,” if that make any sense at all.

ANYHOO.  That’s where i’ve been.  I have a number of pieces to post up, of the traditional variety (commissions, covers, that sort of stuff), as well as a pile of things i’ll be completing over the next few days (commissions, covers, that sort of stuff, LOL).  I also haven’t forgotten about doing the Patreon reward for you fine folks, or finishing Inktober, or doing the next tutorial Tuesday … which got delayed both because of this statue, and also because in light of all the sexual harassment issues going around right now, I needed to find a way to better word it, because this next tutorial is going to fall riiiiiight into line with some of this stuff (it’s how to draw sexy, without being gross, so you can see where there might be a bit of crossover with current events).

Thank you for your support, everyone!


(some pics of the statue are attached, but they’re ones that’ve been published on Instagram and Facebook so they might look familiar to some of you folks)