Tutorial Tuesdays – Coming Soon!

SO.  It’s now Thursday, which means that Tutorial Tuesday has come and gone, with no tutorial posted, but with hopefully good reason: I’ve decided to start off with the “big” one.

The most requested thing i get, even more than Copic coloring, is female anatomy.  I mean, i wrote the most shared/viewed boob tutorial there is, so it’s probably only smart that i start off with women, right?  Right.

I’m going to cover everything i can think of, from full figure anatomy, to problem areas, faces, expressions, all of it.  Later, i’ll do a dynamic anatomy too, aka, action poses, and i’ll also do a “how to draw sexy women without demeaning or masculinizing them” (though, srsly, i should make that one free).

Because of the scope, i’ll likely break it down into a week by week setup.  Full figure for week one, faces for week two, expressions for week three, you get the idea.  Also, because of the scale, and because i want this shit to look good, i’m planning it to start in october.  That gives me time to get my current projects finished, so i can put some solid effort into this because it really is something important to me, that i think a LOT of folks can benefit from.  I’m not the be all and end all, but i AM in fact an artist, who happens to be female, and who’s known for drawing beautiful women, so i might have a few things worth listening to for some folks, LOL.

Okies, that’s the general update for right now — i’ll post some more art tomorrow 😀